About Us

Go Vote, was founded me Zed Phoenix in 2019. 

Basic Philosophy

Do No Harm is our prime directive, which means conservation, and development of alternative resources is vital to a future society. We have the responsibility to pass the Earth on to our successors in a fit and healthy state.

Socio-economic Principles. Unrestricted economic growth must be replaced by an ecologically and socially responsible economy.

Political Principles. All political, social and economic decisions will be voted on by anyone who is a registered member with no restrictions of age or ability.

The principle of “if you care, you can vote” is applied to all.

Society should  be guided by self-reliance and co-operation at all levels. The need for world peace and justice overrides national and commercial interests. There is no place for violence or threat of violence in the democratic political process.

Our Objective

The objective of Go Vote is to promote our principles which shall include: (a) active participation in the political process, and (b) informing, educating and involving the public.

Why do we need your information?

It is UK Law that we comply with the GDPR regulations. We will never sell or give away the information you provide to us to a third party. 

What makes Go Vote unique is that we represent genuine people, so knowing where our voters are from, what constiuency they belong to, gives us a powerful voice when dealing with the political system and decision makers.

 In order for us to be taken seriously by Government, we have implemented 'Stage 2 Security', which is the basic security measures used by local government.  This enables us to prevent corruption from occurring on the site and lets Government know that everyone on the site is a genuine person. Its of course not perfect. 

Stage 2 Security, helps us identify fraudulent accounts which intern means that all votes counted and policies created are from genuine members of the public. Your information is only used by us to create meaningful statistics, which again helps inform Government at all levels. We know how many people voted for a particuar policy but Go Vote also learns "WHY" people vote, which is sometimes more important. 

We understand that in this time of uncertainty, you may feel reluctant to share your information with us and that is of course fine. We know that we may lose people from joining, however on the other hand we also know that those who do join are genuine people with real concerns for their families, communities and future. On social media it's not all about numbers of people, it is also about the quality of the information those people provide, which is equally, if not more important.

Go Vote is shaping the debate and showing that an element of direct democracy can work alongside a Parlimentary Democracy. Offering expert advice based on consensus from the people of the U.K and the rest of the  world. We aim to help political leaders build open, inclusive and prosperous democratic societies. 

Thank you 

Zed Phoenix - Co-Founder